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“By far the best online portal for individual life insurance.”

Josh Zimmer

“You have made my job easier because you're very user-friendly. Your platform looks very professional to my clients and your option to save my applications within the Cloud allows me to continue the smooth operation of my business while I'm away from the office.”

Jeff Parsons

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All-in-one sales platform

Continuously improving our process to make your business grow!

Non face-to-face sales

Simplest process in the industry:
• No limits.
• No originals required.
• No delivery receipt required.

Quick to issue — Quick to pay

Nobody does it better! 48 hours for simplified issue and less than 5 days for underwritten products.
Get paid twice weekly, directly to your bank account.

Error proof

Lia is by your side 24/7 and makes sure every detail has been successfully entered. Assuring a perfect application every time!